Ideas transmitted from other planets relayed through the Betamaximus-128 outspace beacon.
Anyone can help invent these.

First is the galactic calendar system.
Not only will it synconize Earth with the rest of the galaxy but it will fix all of Earth's economies too.

Imagine only having to work 4 days a week and then having 4 day weekends, every week!!

Basically you work for 4 days, then someone else works the other 4 days.
This will nearly double the number of jobs, thus fixing the economy literally over night.

Dog Bubbles -
A simple apparatus that put dogs in a small netted area so in a crash the dog would just fall into the net.
Demand your state driving laws require these now!

Cat Street Bridges -
Long wooden planks that hang between light poles wraped in recycled carpet for cats to climb.
Demand these in your city. No more cat splats!!

Skateboard Lanes -
Skaters shouldn't have to share the sidewalk with pedestrians.
Demand your cities build skateboard lanes with kicker ramps and other rad grindage.
DO NOT take no for an answer.